Two main aims

Display a Trust Seal on your website, to increase visitor’s confidence & increase sales.

Collect & display feedback from your customers.


Three Simple Steps

This takes 2 minutes or less. No credit card or payment is required. Choose a plan here.

Choose your seal design & display options, then copy and paste the generated code onto your website, to make the seal display wherever you want it.

Copy and paste the link for the feedback form to your transactions results page.

Four Fast Results

The Trust-Verified seal is now displayed on your website. Visitors can click through this link to find out more information about your business.

Customers completing a purchase on your site will now have the option of completing a fast & simple feedback form. The results from this are emailed directly to you, and also recorded in our database. If there are any customer satisfaction or other issues, you can address them quickly and easily.

We collect these customer ratings to calculate your overall customer satisfaction score. This score is displayed on our website and (optionally) on your site below the Trust Seal.

Verify page

Customers automatically receive a follow-up survey by email 2-4 weeks after their purchase. The results from this survey are also collected and shown on our website. The results from this are also emailed directly to you. If there are any customer satisfaction issues, you can address them quickly and easily.

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Online businesses can increase the trust of their visitors through our third-party validation and seal services. Join Trust-Verified for a free, no-risk, three month trial and increase visitor trust, turning your visitors into customers and increasing sales. Start Today!  Check out How It Works.

Do your visitors trust you?

As an online business, one of the greatest assets you have is trust. If the visitors to your website trust you, they are more likely to purchase your products or services, and refer you to their friends.
Your website visitors are potential customers – but they usually want to know:

  • “Who is behind this website?”
  • “Are they really who they say they are?”
  • “If needed, how can I reach them in the future?”
  • AND ABOVE ALL “Can I trust them?”

Our Trust-Verified Seal helps reduce these concerns. We act as a third-party who independently verifies your business identity and contact information. When the visitor clicks on the Trust Seal on your website, our website opens in a new window and shows them the verified details of your business, plus genuine feedback for your previous customers.

You can instill confidence, turning your visitors into customers

The Trust-Verified system helps potential customers identify trustworthy businesses that sell goods or services through their website and collects Customer Reviews.

Establish trust and increase sales

You can quickly gain the trust of visitors to your website with the help of our independent trust seals. Trust-Verified seals enhance trust and increase visitor confidence when they’re considering purchasing via your website.

With our independent trust seals, visitors can be confident that you are a legitimate and reliable business, and know that your contact information has been verified by an independent party.

Grow your Business

You can lower your bounce rate, boost your sales and increase email opt-ins by joining Trust-Verified and putting a Trust-Verified Seal on your website. Recent surveys demonstrate the importance of customer confidence in online shopping – here are a few survey results:

  • 40% of shoppers have started to purchase online then abandoned it because of security concerns
  • 50%+ of shoppers are concerned about online security
  • 2/3 of consumers think that most sites are unsafe for shopping
  • 59% of respondents said they feel more secure when shopping on a website that has a security mark, logo, or seal
  • The average rate for shopping cart abandonment is 55 percent (ranging from 44 percent for small businesses to 65 percent for large businesses)
  • When choosing between a larger well-known site with no trust seal and a smaller independent site that showed a trust seal, about one-third of consumers would choose the small independent site with a trust seal.
  • When choosing among small independent sites, 75% of consumers indicated they would select the site with the trust seal. (So the smaller your site, the bigger the impact of a trust seal)
  • When choosing where to shop, 60% said that it was important that websites display an independent trust seal.

Five Benefits of the Trust-Verified Service

1/ Stand Out

  • Is your website reputable and trustworthy? How do you demonstrate this to your visitors? Increasing your online visitor confidence will help your business stand out from the competition.
  • Shoppers trust businesses who have invested in third-party verification – this third-party serves proves the validity of your website and business, while also showing that you prioritize trustworthiness

2/ Increase Confidence

  • Before purchasing from an online store, customers need to be confident that they can trust that store to deliver what they are purchasing. Hence you need to do whatever you can to increase their confidence and demonstrate that you are credible and trustworthy
  • Surveys indicate that 95% of people want access to a website’s business email address, street address and phone number – these people want to be confident that they can trust your business
  • Your visitors & potential customers will be more confident when they see the Trust-Verified business verification seal, showing that there are real and reliable people behind your business.
  • When visitors read real reviews from your satisfied customers, they will gain confidence that they can also become one of your satisfied customers

3/ Gain Credibility

  • By adding the Trust-Verified seal to your website, visitors can quickly see that your business has been verified by Trust-Verified and that they can safely purchase from your website.

4/ Increase Sales

  • The use of a quality trust seal can lead to an increase in conversions and sales. Sales can increase by 5-40%, depending on a variety of factors including the nature of your business, how long you’ve been operating, the quality of your website etc.
  • What is a 5-40% increase in sales worth to you? With Trust-Verified, you can try it for yourself with our three-month free trial

5/ Your Customers become your Salespeople

  • You will be surprised just how easy it is to get great reviews from your customers. Trust-Verified helps you collect and display reviews from your satisfied customers – it is easy and painless.
  • These customer reviews are a great selling feature for your website – when potential customers read reviews from satisfied customers, they gain confidence and hence are more likely to buy from you.

Trust Seals Build Trust

Too many online businesses lose valuable sales because they haven’t established sufficient trust with visitors. The Trust-Verified Seal is the most cost effective way to build trust and turning those visitors into customers. You can quickly improve the credibility of your website by using Trust-Verified to verify your business contact information and collecting customer reviews. Customers who trust your website will buy more, return more often, and tell their friends.

Increase Conversions & Traffic

When your website displays the Trust-Verified Seal, you quickly increase trust with visitors. We are confident that displaying a Trust-Verified Seal on your website will increase conversions – we offer a three-month free trial so you can discover this for yourself. Trust-Verified customers may find that use of the Trust Seal increases sales by 5-20% or even more.

You don’t need to employ another salesperson – join Trust-Verified and let us help you increase your sales


  • Online businesses like Amazon and Ebay have demonstrated the value of customer reviews.
  • Use of the Trust-Verified quick feedback form both at the time of purchase, and a few weeks after purchase, gives the opportunity for your customers to give honest feedback about your business and the service you provide.
  • Our members typically find that between 20% and 65% of their customers give positive feedback at the time of purchase, and 10% to 45% give positive feedback through the follow-up survey. This gives you the opportunity to gather positive feedback from your customers quickly and easily, and display this positive feedback to help you turn other website visitors into customers.
  • Any negative feedback you receive can also be used positively – if you respond quickly and well to customers who provide negative feedback, you can often turn them into your most loyal customers. And of course any negative feedback is also helpful for you to improve the service you offer – it is better to hear negative feedback directly so you can respond and make changes, rather than having the negative feedback spread via Facebook or the internet, where you can’t easily respond.
  • With the Trust-Verified system, you don’t need to be concerned about the occasional bad review – some of our plans allow you control over your reviews, and also the ability to respond to them. Potential customers often gain confidence by seeing a negative review from a customer and then a reasonable response to that from the business.
  • You can quickly get great reviews and start showing your visitors that you are a trustworthy business for FREE! Simply sign up to our free three month trial and start collecting positive customer feedback today.

Join Trust-Verified NOW with a no-risk three-month free trial – increase visitor confidence and increase your sales. Check out How It Works.

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