What services does Trust-Verified offer?
Trust-Verified members have been checked and approved by the Trust-Verified team, and can then display a Trust-Verified seal on their website, which links to a page of information on the Trust-Verified website. This pages shows what aspects of the member’s business and website have been verified (eg physical address, phone number, policies etc) and also displays feedback from real customers. Overall, this service is designed to increase the website credibility and visitors confidence,

If the seal image is too big may I resize it?
You may resize the seal to suit your website requirements. Any other changes to the seal require prior approval from Trust-Verified.

Who Can Participate?
Trust-Verified is designed for use by any legitimate business which wishes to increase its internet credibility.

How do I join?
Simply fill out the form on the JOIN page and we will review your application and site prior to approval. If you do not meet our membership requirements you will be notified by email and given the opportunity to re-apply after you have made arrangements to meet all of our requirements. No payment is required to register. No credit card details are needed. Payment will only be required after membership requirements have been verified by Trust-Verified Ltd, and your free trial period ends or you decide to upgrade your membership.

What are your Membership Requirements?

  1. Pass a background check for a history of customer complaints.
  2. Your website must be a registered top level domain or be part of a shopping mall, auction block, or blog network.
  3. A form of communication posted on your website, such as an email, contact form, fax, or phone number.
  4. Provide a public contact email address to Trust-Verified for any consumers contacting Trust-Verified.
  5. Provide a private contact email for your company. This email will remain completely confidential with Trust-Verified. It may be the same as your public email address.
  6. Bronze Membership & higher also requires verification of your physical address and phone number, privacy policy, terms and conditions.

Can I use my membership for multiple websites?
Silver membership allows use on up to 4 websites (with the same owner and contact details), and Gold membership allows use on up to 10 websites (with the same owner and contact details). If you require more than this, please contact us.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?
There are two main benefit to your company –
1. Increase in credibility with visitors to your website, which can lead to an increase in sales and return visits.
2. Gather customer feedback at the time of sale and also 1-4 weeks later. This feedback can increase the confidence of new visitors, as well as giving your business valuable feedback about how you are perceived by your customers, and an understanding of improvements you can make.

What are the benefits to our visitors and customers?
The Trust-Verified seal increases visitor confidence in your company and website, as it is effectively an independent third-party credibility assessment. Your customers can see that your business has been reviewed by an independent organisation. They can also see whether your address and phone number have been verified, as well as viewing feedback from other customers and any history of complaints. Overall this helps demonstrate that you are operating a credible business which is committed to customer service and satisfaction.

What are my obligations as a member?
Your initial obligation is to meet the membership requirements. Secondly, you must respond to any correspondence from Trust-Verified Ltd and respond to mediation if the situation occurs. Participation in the mediation process is strictly voluntary but highly recommended. See the complaints information page for more information about complaints and mediation. Any member can cancel their membership with immediate notice and not have any further obligations to Trust-Verified Ltd or its customers.

Do you have a Complains Recording and Resolution Service?
Yes – we have an optional complaints recording service (for Silver and Gold members) and an optional resolution service (for Gold members).

What is your cancellation and refund policy?
Membership can be cancelled at any time by email or in writing. No membership fees paid in advance will be refunded.

What payments do you accept?
We accept all major credit & debit cards and PayPal.

What kind of complaints do you accept?
We will only accept reasonable and legitimate complaints. See ‘Filing a Complaint’ for more details.

What happens if someone files a complaint?
See ‘Filing a Complaint’.

How can I find out how many complaints I have?
Whenever a complaint is filed about you, we will send you the details.

What countries can participate?
Trust-Verified accepts members from all countries with English language websites.