Follow these links to view a live example of a company using the Trust-Verified services.

Barcodes Limited has the Trust-Verified seal on all of its pages.

The Trust Seal shows three things below it –

  1. The domain name
  2. Star rating
  3. The number of ratings

(Members have the ability to select which of these 3 things they want displayed below their seal – they can be selected in the Members Area)
If you hover your cursor over the Trust Seal, you will see information displayed about Barcodes Ltd

  1. The site rating (out of 5 stars)
  2. ‘Click to find out more about this business’
  3. Verified business details including name, address, email & phone number.

If you click on the seal, you are taken to the members information & rating page on the Trust-Verified site – see here. This has a lot more information about the company, including –

  1. The overall rating (out of 5 stars)
  2. Results and feedback from the Time of Sale Survey
  3. Results and feedback from the Follow-up Survey
  4. Featured comments
  5. Response to any comment
  6. Contact details
  7. A link to a complaint form