Increased Confidence in Trust-Verified Companies

Potential website customers can have increased confidence in Trust-Verified (T-V) members.

We provide services which benefit potential website customers, including:

  • Genuine third party validation of the business and website – we assess them, so you can trust them
  • Checking of business details including email address, phone number, business address, privacy policy
  • Checking of website including display of Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy
  • Surveys of previous customers, both at the time of purchase and also with a follow-up survey a few weeks later
  • A 5 star rating system based on customer feedback
  • Collection and display of feedback and comments from previous customers
  • Display of the business response to any suggestions or negative feedback received from customers
  • Review of any customer complaints, and independent assistance to resolve these complaints when needed
  • By joining T-V, businesses demonstrate that they are committed to customer service, honesty, transparency and accountability
  • T-V business members stand out from the crowd – so you can , compete with the big brands
  • Collect and respond to genuine customer feedback


To Become a Member of Trust-Verified, the Business MUST

  1. Pass a background check for a history of customer complaints.
  2. The website must be a registered top level domain or be part of a shopping mall, auction block, or blog network.
  3. Provide a reliable form of communication on their website, such as an email, contact form, fax, or phone number.
  4. Provide a public contact email address to Trust-Verified for any consumers contacting Trust-Verified.
  5. Bronze Membership & higher also require verification of the company’s physical address and phone number, privacy policy, terms and conditions.


WE assess them, so YOU can trust them