This Code of Ethics is designed to set a minimum standard for businesses using the Trust-Verified program and services.
All members of the Trust-Verified program agree to at least meet these minimum standards.

To maintain the integrity and ethical conduct of the Trust-Verified program and to use the Trust-Verified Seal, the merchant agrees to the following:

  1. To provide the highest level of service promptly, competently and courteously.
  2. To provide good service to all customers regardless of religion, gender and ethnic origin.
  3. To provide high quality of products and services appropriate for internet sale.
  4. To train all employees, agents and representatives of the merchant on expected standards of performance, quality and customer service.
  5. To be able to explain clearly to visitors and customers the customer’s rights and obligations regarding the product and/or service.
  6. To respect and maintain the confidentiality of the customer and to not disclose any such information without the prior written authorization by the customer, except as required under law.
  7. To abide by any national, federal and local regulations and laws which govern the specific industry.
  8. To not undertake any activity that will discredit their business or clients.
  9. To act faithfully, honestly and fairly to all concerned, and to prioritize customer service and satisfaction.

You should display the Trust-Verified seal prominently on your website. It is recommended that as a minimum, the seal appear on your homepage and also on any payments page. The seal must be linked to your company page at where consumers will be able to view more details about your company and the Trust-Verified program.

Your website should include the following information. It should be presented clearly and be available for visitors to view prior to any purchase from your website.

  • Your contact details, including phone number, fax number (if available), physical, postal and email addresses, and a contact for questions or complaints.
  • All customer enquiries should be responded to within 48 hours.
  • The price of your goods and/or services must be easily found, with the currency clearly indicated.
  • A description of the different payment methods available, along with any additional fees for using these methods.
  • Any restrictions such as how long any offer remains valid.
  • The customer’s right to cancel the purchase, if any, and how to do so.
  • All local and national laws in this regard must be adhered to.
  • The terms and conditions of your sales and website use must be displayed clearly, and found easily. If explicit agreement to these by a customer is required, it should be an opt-in process, rather than opt-out.
  • Your privacy policy must be clearly displayed.
  • Any cancellation rights of the customer should be clearly displayed.
  • Customers should receive email acknowledgement of their order within 24 hours, and receive a receipt.