(For basic information on how it works, look here)

Two Main Aims

1. Increase Sales – You can display a Trust-Verified Seal on your website. This demonstrates to visitors that you are a reputable business, and are committed to inspiring customer confidence and providing customer satisfaction. This helps to increase visitor’s confidence, and hence increase sales.
2. Collect Feedback – Using our simple & automatic systems, you collect & display feedback from your customers


Three Simple Steps for You

1. Sign up (this takes 2 minutes or less. No credit card or payment is required). We have a free three month trial. If you find it works well for you, you have the opportunity to sign up for any of our three enhanced options – all at very affordable prices.
2. Seal Display
> Choose your seal design – there are a variety of seal designs available – choose the one which will look best on your site
> Choose your seal display options – you have the option to display your domain name, rating (eg 4.5 stars) & number of ratings below the seal.
> Copy and paste the generated code onto your website, to make the seal display wherever you want it. It can be just displayed on one page (eg your home page, shopping cart page or payment page), or on multiple pages – it is up to you. Depending on the complexity of your site and your web skills, you might need your webdesigner to help with this.
3. Feedback
> Copy and paste the link for the feedback form to your transactions results page. This makes a simple 3 question survey pop-up, so your customer can quickly place feedback about their shopping experience.


Four Fast Results

  1. Increased Visitor Confidence – The Trust-Verified seal is now displayed on your website. Visitors can click through this link to find out more information about your business, see your ratings from previous customers, read comments from real customers, and see more verified details about your business)
  2. Customer Feedback – Customers completing a purchase on your site will have the option of completing a fast & simple feedback form.  The results from this are emailed directly to you, and also recorded in our database. If there are any customer satisfaction or other issues, you can address them quickly and easily. This is a quick and efficient way to get valuable feedback from your customers.
  3. Ratings – We collect these customer ratings to calculate your overall customer satisfaction score. This score is displayed on our website and (optionally) on your site below the Trust Seal.
  4. Followup Survey – Customers automatically receive a followup survey by email 2-4 weeks after their purchase. The results from this survey are also collected and shown on our website. The results from this are also emailed directly to you. If there are any customer satisfaction issues, you can address them quickly and easily.


We hope this makes sense – please contact us if you have any questions or require further clarification.