Trust Seal Case Studies

Here are some sample case studies of the benefits, and challenges, of using a Trust Seal on a website.

The Case Studies are summarised below, and you can follow the link to see full details

CASE STUDY A:  10% Increase in Revenue

  • Study of 250,000 transactions at 500 online retailers
  • 14% increase in cart completion
  • 10% increase in revenue
  • 1 Trust seal is best (better than none or 2 seals)

CASE STUDY B. 16% Increase in Sales

  • 16% increase in sales

CASE STUDY C: 28% Increase in Sales

  • 8 week A/B split test study of Trust-Verified Seal on website
  • 28% more sales generated by Trust Seal during 8 week period
  • 115% more sales generated by Trust Seal during the last 3 weeks of this test (when more positive customer feedback had been received)