Why does Web credibility matter?

  • Web presence is important for most businesses
  • Web information has mixed credibility – some parts of it are the least credible and other parts are the most credible
  • For many potential customers, the website is the first point of contact with a business
  • The Web is here to stay, and becoming increasingly influential
  • Credibility is a very valuable asset for a company
  • Web users can be naïve or lazy
  • Those businesses with a more credible web presence gain a strategic advantage.

Credibility Gives You the Power To –

  • Change user’s attitudes eg
    • To think more positively about the site owner
    • To feel comfortable interacting with the site
    • To embrace the site’s point of view
  • Change user’s behaviours eg
    • To register personal information
    • To complete e-commerce purchases
    • To return to the site more often

What creates Credibility?

  • Credibility is a perception based on two main factors
    • Trustworthiness (eg unbiased, truthful, good, honest)
    • Expertise (eg experience, intelligent, knowledgeable, powerful)

Trustworthiness + Expertise = Credibility

Both factors are essential for credibility – the absence of either factor will reduce credibility.

Guidelines for creating credible websites.