To file a complaint against a Trust-Verified member, you must comply with the following:

  • You must have tried and exhausted every possible means of resolution with the supplier.
  • Filing a complaint with Trust-Verified should be your last available option
  • Any complaint must be reasonable, and be based on common internet protocols and customer service policies.
  • Unreasonable demands or negative comments against a merchant are not a valid reason for complaint.
  • Any complaint should be based on a real problem (eg not receiving the purchased items or service)
  • Any complaint should be clearly written in English and must not be offensive
  • After a complaint has been filed and accepted Trust-Verified will notify the merchant of the complaint and the merchant will be given the opportunity to settle the issue. If the situation is resolved, the complaint will be recorded as resolved. If the complaint is not resolved the complaint will remain on the Trust-Verified member’s record. Any resolution is purely at the discretion of the Trust-Verified member.

The complaint must contain the following:

  1. Details of the complainant
    Full name
    Phone number
    Email address
    Company name (if relevant)
    Company website (if relevant)
  2. Details of the company the complaint is against
    Company name
    Contact person (if any)
  3. Details of the order / item / service the complaint relates to
    Order &/or invoice number (if any)
    Description of the nature of the problem
  4. Resolution
    Full description of the steps already taken to resolve the issue
    An explanation as to why you believe you have been treated unfairly
    A statement of what resolution you are seeking

If you wish to file a complaint, please ensure your complain meets all the requirements above, and then email the required information to Trust-Verified, along with any supporting documents. Incomplete complaints may be ignored or rejected.

Trust-Verified reserves the right to disregard any complaints if they are considered to be unreasonable or outside the scope of the Trust-Verified seal program.

Make a complaint

You can either use our business search tool to find the website you want to complain about, or visit the website in question and click their Trust-Verified seal. Either of these steps will take you to their certificate page where you can make a complaint.